“So many of us are living our lives crippled by stress and anxiety and we just don’t know a way out. I used to be that stressed, anxious and exhausted person. It was the worst! But with 8 years of clinical experience and training as a naturopath - and with a whole lotta self lovin’ - I’ve learnt how to manage my stress through steps that make a whole lotta sense. Since successfully treating my own stress and anxiety I’m so thankful to be able to help so many clients in very similar circumstances who also apply the steps and finally find the long-term relief they’ve been searching for... want to join me?”

Melinda x

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Stress is a response to fear, physical exertion, illness, adverse reactions to medication and the environment. In most cases though, it is a response to fear - the feeling of anxiety, agitation, apprehension or dread caused by a perceived threat or danger that has the potential to cause harm to your psychological, physiological or emotional well-being. You may have heard of the term "fight or flight" which means that when we’re reacting to a perceived danger, our natural response is to fight the danger in front of us or run for your life.....a helpful response back in the caveman days, right?

But if you’re like me, you don’t live in a cave fighting off sabre-tooth tigers - but you certainly do experience worry and anxiety and  aren’t sure how to make it stop! Fear always produces a stress response so mild fear can result in feeling nervous and worried, or extreme fear can result in being completely terrified, hysterical and out of control. So those times in the office when you’re feeling super anxious about not getting a job done on time, this is a stress response thanks to fear. You're not actually in danger, but that doesn't stop your body from feeling like it is...

Have you asked yourself...

Q. How much is stress affecting your life?


how stressed are you?

  • Feel like your head’s about to explode (hello blood pressure)?
  • Feel nervous, afraid and fear for your life?
  • Snap at your kids, partner or anyone within yelling distance?
  • Get overly emotional at anything and everything?
  • Really struggle with any other demands in life?
  • Want to hide away in a cave?
  • Feel like you can’t get in enough air, or feel jittery?
Q. What are your "crazy" triggers?


what are your "crazy" triggers?

  • Having too much to do, not enough time
  • Running late, rushing and looking frazzled
  • Deadlines and huge work demands....5 assistants would be nice
  • Presentations at work, oh I hate presentations...
  • Finances....show me the moneeey, please anything!
  • Family drama......why can’t we all get along?
  • My self-esteem......just need to let in some lovin’
  • Relationship ups & downs.....such a rollercoaster
  • Constant health troubles......
Q: What would a life without crazy stress be like?


without stress would you...

  • Have more stable energy?
  • Make better decisions?
  • Have better relationships – reduce those silly arguments?
  • Be better company – be everyone’s ‘zen’ friend?
  • Be a better lover?
  • Live less in the past and the future?
  • Be more attentive to your own needs?
  • Be more accepting of those around you?

What is the Crazy2Calm Program?

The Crazy2Calm Program is all about freedom - being free to enjoy your life, to focus on your work, to relax and be creative, to connect with the people you love. A step-by-step program in long-term stress reduction, over the course of 10 weeks you'll learn techniques that will help you relieve your anxiety and manage your stress response - so the next time you're facing a challenging situation you'll know how to stay calm, cool and in control!


Each week I'll show you how to take a step towards reducing your anxiety and finding your creative cool...

week 1: UNWIND

Reduce your stimulants & reset your mindset

week 2: NOURISH

Plan and prepare to meet your body's nutritional needs

week 3: BREATHE

Tune into your body and calm your mind with guided meditation

week 4: ACCEPT

Begin practicing mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety


Start to acknowledge your emotions and take the higher road

week 6: SLOW

Slow your stress response and tap into your natural rhythm

week 7: REFRESH

Get your body moving and declutter your environment

week 8: CONNECT

Discover the benefits of vulnerability and find your tribe

week 9: LOVE

Find out how to listen to your needs and practice self-love

week 10: CREATE

Embrace your inner creativity and discover a new normal

  • 10 Step Program over 10 Weeks

    Conquer your crazy in a content-rich course created by a qualified naturopath

  • Weekly Videos

    Watch a short weekly video to get you started on each weeks 3-step guide

  • Guided Meditation

    Calm your mind with a guided meditation designed by Melinda for beginners

  • View it on your Mobile

    No files to download, just log in – and it’s designed so you can read it on your phone!

  • Bonus Material for Members

    Including a recipes and supplement guide to help you super-charge your health

  • Join the Movement

    Access to the Private Crazy2Calm Facebook page and support from the community










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Melinda King is a naturopath and wellness coach with over 8 years of clinical experience. Crazy2Calm is the result of almost a decade's worth of experience helping her clients in Melbourne, Australia to overcome anxiety and reduce their stress. She's passionate about bringing a holistic approach to health and wellness that integrates nutritional science, naturopathic knowledge, mindfulness techniques and a whole lot of self-lovin'. These days Melinda practices two days a week at the bustling Terra Madre Wellness Clinic in Northcote, runs a small design studio with her partner, travels to New York City as frequently as possible... and feels calmer than ever!

visit melindaking.com.au

What Melinda's clients have to say about her...

"Eight months ago if I had been told of the journey I was to embark on when I walked through Melinda's doors I would have struggled to believe it. I initially sought advice in regards to my diet and nutrition and the ways in which healthy living could be incorporated into my busy lifestyle. I had this reoccurring feeling that things were 'not quite right'. Melinda's approach was gentle yet informed. Beginning with my physical health, new concepts and ideas were translated in an inspired and accessible manner. I was looking for a purely physical solution but with Melinda's knowledge, help and support I have been able to journey to the centre of myself, to look at my life and begin to heal, to learn to love and embrace every element of my physical and emotional being. I take these discoveries and apply them to my everyday life, which is more joyful and inspired as a result."

Emily, Film Festival Programmer

"I credit Melinda for helping me regain freedom, energy and wellbeing; both physical and mental. I had suffered a few health complaints for several years that many traditional doctors couldn’t alleviate; but Mel made it happen.  She’s welcoming, honest and incredibly mindful of what is best for you… particularly with realistic timeframes and budgets. Mel is the best!"

Gabrielle, Stylist

"I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with Melinda. I had recently experienced one of the most challenging times of my life, my energy levels were low, I had a variety of health issues, and strained relationships with various people. Initially I went to Melinda for a naturopathic consultation and discovered that everything is connected. Melinda delicately explained that my physical state was related to my emotional state. She has taught me to let go of many things and express love. I now try my hardest to express love, to practice daily affirmations and meditate. This, in addition to the naturopathic herbs I take are healing me physically and emotionally. I can honestly declare that all my relationships are mended, and my body and mind are in the process of healing too."

Mary, Meditation & Transformation Consultant

Ready to get started?


Q. "When does the program start?"

As soon as you join! The day you join will be the day the 10 Week program will start. You don’t have to wait for anything, once you join you’ll receive a log-in and away you go.

Q. "Who is a suitable candidate for Crazy2Calm?"

Maybe anxiety has you feeling like a walking time-bomb? Perhaps you’re feeling pretty good in general but quickly get overwhelmed when deadlines loom at work? Wherever you are at, if you’re feeling stressed and it's affecting your life, this course is for you!

Q. "What if I’ve never meditated or practiced mindfulness before?"

Perfect! I’ve designed this program for beginners to intermediate.

Q. "Can I access Crazy2Calm on my phone?"

Yes! We designed the program to be mobile-friendly so that you can log-in and access the content on your lunch break, at the cafe, in bed.....wherever you and your phone hang out together.

Q. "I'm not sure if I can afford the program..."

I know, our society doesn't encourage us to spend on our wellbeing. But here's a list of stuff that will cost you more than this program: a new phone, a designer jacket, a couple of dinners out at fine dining restaurants, a couple of nights at an expensive hotel, a cup of coffee everyday for 6 months or an expensive pair of shoes. No kind of retail therapy or fancy dinner will offer the kind of freedom you'll experience by reducing your stress and learning how to be calm.

Q. "Why the 10 Steps?

The 10 steps in Crazy2Calm are the ‘top’ most successful recommendations I provide to my naturopathic clients that have gained results in reducing stress and anxiety over the last 8 years.

Q. "Is there any reason I shouldn't do the program?"

If you're looking for a quick fix, sorry but there's none of that over here. Long-lasting change doesn't come in a miracle pill, trust me, I’ve tried it! But if you're ready to commit to your wellbeing and achieve long-term results then this program is for you.

Q. "I already practice mindfulness and frequently meditate... will I learn anything new?"

If you practice mindfulness and meditate frequently but are still struggling with stress and anxiety you might need help with your nutrition and self-love. We cover lots of different topics in Crazy2Calm including how to ditch bad eating habits, tap into your body's natural rhythm, declutter your environment, and access the power of vulnerability.

Q. "I’m just so busy, I don’t know if I’ll get time to follow the steps!"

Don't sweat, Crazy2Calm is designed for people at all levels of ‘busyness’. Each week reveals a new step to follow for that week. You don’t need to do all 10 steps at once! And if you miss a week, that’s ok, you’ll have the program for 3 months after to catch up.

Q. "What is your refund policy?"

As per industry standard, I don’t offer refunds on programs that include long-term stress management strategies. The guidance I provide has worked for hundreds of my naturopathic clients so I feel confident that if you apply all the steps in Crazy2Calm you’ll be on your way to a calmer life with lots more self lovin’!

I'd love to have you onboard


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